Dear Princess. Martha Louise, Mette Marit, Ragnhild, Victoria, Mary, Elizabeth, Madeleine, Lilian and Astrid....

and all the rest of beautiful you.

I am another simple artist in the world of performing arts, and my greatest passion is curiosity

and shearing of the things I learn. I am perhaps a humble journalist with an artistic expression.

I am at the bridge of a new curiosity, namely you your highness, the princess. I want to

understand as much as I can, about your role towards yourself and your people, toward your

history of myth, about the things you do and then the things media tells us, your ideas of the

future, your goals as a princess and your wishes for yourself…. Like a protrait I suppose.

Knowing the fact that I am a commoner, with little political or royal status, I imagine it will

take some time before I will have the “possibility” to meet you in person. So I decide to

start my project today, with the hopes and wishes, that some of you can join me later, and

help me tell the people; what it is all about, to be a princess today. Untill then, I will keep

you posted on this blogg, and keep you informed about my discoveries.

Warm greeting and love, Yours faithfully, Rudi Skotheim Jensen

onsdag 15. desember 2010

Prinsesse Martha Louise på Radioen om prinsesser

lørdag 27. november 2010

braking the waves

In times of strength, in times of glory, in times of tears, what to wear?
I am not risking having your beauty secrets shattered across the Internet, but occasionally I have the slight sensation that you dress up better, then how you actually feel. This might be a problem. Now I am only trying to be a friend, and by friend’s law, we can easily have a slumber party and still get along. I think you look spectacular non-the-less, half naked or half undressed.

I sometimes simply fear that you censor yourself when you should scream, that you keep yourself locked away in the tower, with only a mirror, a draftee window but no shower… you smell bad close up, but look grate from a far.

If you want to learn to dance, you train your feet skills, and if you want to be skilled in emotional conversation, you get a shrink. I probably need both, and I can break the ice for the both of us.

Well.. I just wanted you to know that you are not alone.

mandag 1. november 2010

She made you a song....

Dear, simply all of you!!!! To show you my most deepest apology for restless nights and curious thoughts, i have embraced my thoughts into this song. I would be gratefull if replyed in a note, although, if you do it only by thought, i am still very hounered... (but my followers on this page don't think i have any real princess friends)

oh what to do. many kisses from Rudi.

torsdag 7. oktober 2010

At the long end of the pink trumpet.

I find myself going through a rather harsh part or period of my life. Life, love, ambitions versus reality of my situations, what can I obtain, -at the risk of what? How come I visual and strategise my life, and then try to obtain this vision? your excelency, :-) I will watch my both tongue and words carefully, because as we both know and has agreed upon, this page is not dedicated to me.

To point the pink gun back in your direction. Un-doubtfully you will have been through the same, if not worse, if not under more pressure, with more pink and more illusions of the things that you would like to do for mankind… against, reality of things that you are available to perform.
How do you handle those days, when you realised you-yourself had gotten the better of you. By the end of those days, how did you deal with it…Do you cope with depression? Or can you hire someone to do this for you? Do you hire people to fight for your ideals, for world peace and justice when you are depressed in bed or healing out on a family picnic?

Looking forward to your answer.
Yours truly, humble Rudi

søndag 26. september 2010

I am so sorry

Dear Princesses, it has been days, if not weeks followed up by countless miserable moths… that I have not written a single word…and you might ask yourself, -Bastard, How could you, you promised!!!?

And I, the skinny farmer I was born and am, have no real answer that could possible restore my honour. But your highness, it is my privilege to continue writing about my inner-most-deepest-thoughts about you, so you can at least see by far or by accidently browsing this page, that I still care.. I was made to care..!!

Perhaps to day, a day a little bit more remarkable then any other, I am you closer, and can do you a percentage of good. From today and till the mid of December I am a resident in Denmark and will be living in “PRINCESS” Street nr 84.

I do invite you to pass by for tea, or any other activities you would find entertaining. Even if you ignore me, a loving flirt, I will keep an extra eye on your activities here in Denmark, so do not mind to make a scene every now and then..

Yours truthfully

tirsdag 29. juni 2010

performing the power

May I first take this opportunity to congratulate the newly wed, may life be both long and as far a comfortable goes, it is all within the tittles. Personally I had a spectacular afternoon watching Internet live, drinking champagne with strawberries and watching all the comments popping up on the site of SVT.

It was splendid; it was all fun and games until it came to my attention, that the monarchy does not at all turn a blind eye to the difference between us commoners and themselves. –and in certain situations they should not, it is just that this one I can not get my head around. When A Crown Prince chose’s his wife she naturally becomes Crown Princesses and from there on climbs to the queen title. Whilst young Prince Daniel now, will forever be a prince and She, the Queen, and her becoming a ruling queen is a phenomenon that only changed in 1980 in Sweden.

How did power come to be? If I attempt logically to mount the question, I would conclude humans as flock-animals, and from here on see natures strongest as the obvious leading character. This would mean a male character back then, when requirement was physical brute, and strength and violence need to hold a position. In later history, power was passed on in blood and in the case of dictatorship, still is. Blood has also been used to strengthen political positions and at one point in history it could all be seen as an international inbreed ballet, but that is another project.

But in Sweden’s political focus on “equal rights” -for woman mainly, there is a double moral; You are invited for tea, but only as an guest. You are part of the family, though only as an observer. You are welcomed to the country, when you have learned the language, and you are welcomed to the castle but only as a peasant.

Dear Daniel, this all matters, I assume, very little to you. I imagine love came in forehand and so it should. But this is not really about you, it is that which you are now part of and presenting, a moral right for a equal people.

PS. I love your speech.

PS2. i found a song about ou as King


søndag 23. mai 2010


With the last months unbearable tense events concerning Madeleine, and NOW, her sister, on the brinks of stepping into those royal ranks of marriage, the plot is thickening…. How do you sleep at night, whom can you trust?

I have curiously devoted time, God knows why -if such a being exists, if so, he must be ludicrous in creating me. But time is however being devoted to this, singular quest called princesses. I tried to put my fingers on it now for some time, but alas, they, are randomly circling all part of the skies, very much like a seagull drunk on absinthe.
Now, I have handled my depression with a selection of movies, princess movies. After suffering through bad acting though an entertaining plot in Disney’s “Enchanted”, I learned that first sighted love, have stopped existing in films. And there we are….. This, should hopefully give reality and future generations a chance of less frustration.

BUT, True loves kiss, how does one find it? – If you are, and once again please imagine yourself, a princess. How can you be sure that the man you are dating is not holding your hand because of the exotic idea, entitled prince? Something tremendous is hiding in that shadow. I am a man, I know how this works, in early years, we are far from the cleanest of souls and will bend easily for profit.

So, princes, how do you single out the bad ones from the good ones.. Is there a naughty and nice list involved? Do you go under cover?

Yours truly

søndag 2. mai 2010

Public decisions make a princess take decisions publicly.

I find myself returning slightly sooner to the “love case” taking place in Sweden’s capital, the intentionally accounted for. The occasion is rooted in a metro magazine, a column in fact, that has that keen and reflecting eye over the entitled situation, which got me blogging….
Anders Pihlblad, presents some curious and well chosen words on the media reactions. He says; “As the Royal family is our “ideal” family, we are stirred and curious when something un-ideal is taking place. We find this interesting as the Monarchy has lost its political influence, and because of this, there is pretty much only one task left for them to conduct; producing children. This is why, in media, the sex life of the royalties becomes interesting”

Meanwhile in the East. The Indonesian Teen model Manohara, whom married to the Malaysians Princes Tengku Muhammad Fakhry Petra (at the age of 14, -now 18’teen), is inspiring new depths between those old national wounds of Indonesia and Malaysia.
Manohara (meaning “Hart theft”) claims the Malaysian Prince kidnapped her during a pilgrimage, and for nine months abused her in all classical ways possible. Last year she managed to escape with the help of both her mother and the American embassy. When the press published the cover stories, Indonesians started protesting. In Jakarta, it was reported riots outside the Malaysian embassy. Both the Governments have withdrawn politically from the case, and stated that this is a private affair between husband and wife.

In her home country, she publicly appears as the tragic heroine, badly treated by an obsessed prince. While in Malaysia, she is considered the little devil liar, hunting for fame and glory, and orchestrated by her mother.

My point is that, even if the Prince did these things or not, it is now out in the public. Even if Jonas did cheat or not, it is still out in the public, and the public point of view seems to matter a grate deal to royalties as royal decisions are often made to keep the myth of the ideal portrait in harmony. -Which I find tricky, as the ideal of royalty is also quite a myth.

Fredrik V of Denmark-Norway (1746-66) ruled from the bottom of his bottle and was preferably surrounded by prostitutes, -while by doing so. Christian VII of Denmark was known as insane with sadistically preferences, and we are not even getting started on France and Spain in those days…

Returning to Manohara. She is now playing in a famous TV series, about a young woman who is abused by her husband. She is also giving “expensive” lectures, and the documentary about her adoption is running continuously on Indonesian Television. The Prince is not giving any interviews.

søndag 25. april 2010

its royalties, its human..

Tiny books of history explain us that it was 88 years time since last cancelation of a royal engagement, here in Scandinavia. Details concerning the newly split Swedish couple are nothing of my concern, as those discussions can easily fly about with one less voice. As well, concerning anyone’s personal love life, there is a refined fine line between common curiosity and personal profit.

In 1922, Crown prince Fredrik of Denmark (23) was engaged with his cousin, Princess Olga of Greek and Denmark. A combination of blood itself that created international headlines. These where also the end of times, when marrying outside the royal circles, was considered quite reckless. The engagement did however not last for long (3 years), and in those days like in ours, speculations under a lot less twittered attention, closer to royal professionalized eavesdroppers, to spread the word. In this case it was also the princess whom broke off the engagement, and the theories are, how to put this, book thick.

It is quite clear to me, that little have changes within humanity when it comes to the power of knowledge, and how reckless we tend to use it. Human error happens everywhere and only ignorance would tell you otherwise.

Jonas and Madeleine, in between all of this, just don’t give a shit about the rest of us, you do whatever you need to do. Yours Supportably, Rudi.

torsdag 1. april 2010

The new blood in the blue blood, a portrait.

Finding myself in Japan is also unquestionable confronting the royal monarchy’s story of today’s princesses and coming queen to be, on what’s hot and what’s aught to be given a second thought.
Firstly it seems, if am so brave to make such a distinction, that in all marriages where one are wed into a family, to the title of princess I remark, comes at the prize of risks, and is as unnatural as riding a unicycle, to ones own funeral.

As the eldest daughter of Hisashi Owada, a senior diplomat, and President of the International Court of Justice, Princess Masako worked in Japanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs, side by side with her father. Indeed a well educated creature, already fluid in English, frensch and with good knowledge of Russian and Spanish… with political interests, for the future of Japan.

In the briefest of seconds, imagine the lucky star being you, at the admirable tunnel of shining light and possibility, and I ask; how much would you sacrifice, at the equilibrium between love and career?

To the faith that awaits the one whom chooses the kiss of a frog, comes a remarkable responsibility. But everything in its order and place. Masako first met the Crown Prince during their studies November 1986, and since that faithful day, they where seen in several public occasions throughout 87. But family and honour runs thick. Not dealt the most convincing hand of public popularity, would make their relation a challenge. Masako, was the granddaughter of Yutaka Egashira, Chairman of Chisso, a corporation highly infamous for the Minamata disease, a major pollution scandal that occurred in Japan. And with this name bound to her, it made close to impossible for them to marry. However a prince or male, of any sorts that is, fixed on love will chose to see beyond honours and the past. He purposed in several occasion and finally she accepted his hand in the year of 93.

As royalty, a monarchy with no legal political influence, Masako, had to give up her passion for politics. But the point I am aiming for is deeper then the desire of ones wish, it is within the expectations of your country and people, the ones you are there to serve, public opinion and pressure.

Eight year after their marriage, they had a daughter, which blew fire of an old discussion, a lively debate whether the the Imperial Household Law of 1947 should be changed from that of primogeniture (male-preference) to equal primogeniture, which would allow a woman to inherit the Chrysanthemum Throne. It is an old tradition of male hierarchy all over the world, which luckily has ceased to exist in larger parts, but not all.

Princess Masako has remained largely out of the public eye since 2002, reportedly due to emotional disorders, which many speculate is caused by the pressure to produce a male heir as well adjusting to life in the Royal Family. In July 2004, she was diagnosed as suffering from adjustment disorder and is reported to be seeking treatment.
On July 11, 2008, Prince Naruhito sought public understanding for his ailing wife. "I would like the public to understand that Masako is continuing to make her utmost efforts with the help of those around her. Please continue to watch over her kindly and over the long term."

fredag 5. mars 2010

What does, HRH Mette-Marit, Marta Louise and Madeleine have in common?

It is now March and I was just thinking, except being of the same gender, with a royal title starting on P, a surname starting on M, and the same linguistic roots in the N pond… what does M.M.M have in common….????

Two are married -one in a year will be wed, two out of their men has a common job and one of these two should have a blogg tribute to himself, that being out of various reasons.
M.M.M. attains various works on the palaces behalf, one less, one more then the others and one almost lost her rights to the “P” but now performs less the activities bestowed upon her birth. TWO are born into that responsibility while one chose it, as mentioned, one almost un-chose that.

Two have children, one outside, one in a year perhaps two. One has recently been sick soon travelling away; the other one has been away, now just coming home, and the last stayed both “home and away” teaching the skills of believes.

Now that we have played the economical reasoning game for a while, we might find ourselves beaten, to the point that there are no common area for the three… we might be wrong..

However, based on all the news that I within an impressively short amount of time got a hold of, I discovered one thing:

The three of them are taking a lot of criticism from both the conspirators public and the newspapers, in one beating or the other. But they stay headstrong, sharp-sighted woman, deemed to go on.. and with that I bless you.

Happy upcoming 8’th of March, to you and ALL other princesses of any gender out there.

fredag 26. februar 2010

torsdag 25. februar 2010

It’s not about music..

Recently, some roomers bounced off in all direction that the Norwegian princess Martha Louise was going to bless the Norwegian Eurovision song contest, with her appearance. Or so at least, we where mislead to believe, - thank you Skavland.
However, out of this tabloid discussion, lead by some of Norway’s most ridicule newspapers (but then again whom am I to speak), emerged another, positively surprising and interesting suggestion by professor Trond Nordby; to have the event hosted by Princess Ragnhild, Miss Lorentzen.

We might ask ourselves, what knowledge of modern pop culture could a princess with the rare knowledge of the early 19’th century, possible contribute with?

Personally, I never thought the Eurovision was really about music, but about the national feeling connected to it, similar to the Olympic Games. -Take away the collective feeling of winning, and we are left with an art project.

So in this sense, in the same sense that thousands of people watch the “new year speech” of the king, -for the sake of national collective emotions, blood, sweat and tears… wrapped in moral words, Princess Ragnhild should host this evening.

tirsdag 9. februar 2010

Kronprinsesse Victoria Made til Barbie Doll / in norwegian

På en liten leketøys messe i Nürnberg, Tyskland, ble en unik figur avslørt. Det var en Barbie dukke kledd i en strømmende kappe og iført luksuriøse smykker og uerstattlig tiara. Men dette var bare ikke noe vanlig Barbie dukke, men en gjort i glansbildet av Sveriges kronprinsesse Victoria.

Kronprinsesse Victoria som flere ganger uttalt, en moderne prinsesse og en inspirerende global borgere. Hennes utseende er modellert etter hennes opptreden på 2006 Nobelprisen seremonien. Kronprinsessen er forpliktet til veldedige formål, og bidrar til å markere dem som er, mindre heldig her i livet. "Hun er rett og slett et forbilde for jenter over hele verden", sier Rosa Zeegers, Senior vise president for; Barbie International. Å gjør et skille mellom velykket og forsøket, stort nok til å sende SS Titanic rett igjennom.

Kronprinsessen Victoria Barbie dukken ble videre presentert sammen med to andre dukker, den verdensberømte forfatteren JK Rowling og vellykket tennisspiller Kim Clijsters."Det er en hyllest og en anerkjennelse av den positive energien som disse tre sterke kvinner til vårt samfunn. De er sanne rollemodeller for jenter i alle aldre og personifiserer de verdier som Barbie representerer. Enten du er syv år eller sytti år gammel, må du inspirerende rollemodeller", sier Rosa Zeegers.

Uheldigvis for Barbie dukkens potensielle samlere og kongelige fans,
vil Kronprinsesse Victoria Barbie ikke bli solgt i butikkene.
Å vi får se hvilke fremtidige sjikkelser som lar seg videre støpe, inn i den
udødlige verden av plastifiserte kvinner.

tirsdag 2. februar 2010

How many princesses are there in the world :-)

Lets get really into the world of princesses, shall we..

I have managed, from sorting out the world monarchs and based on these families, to make a list (dated 01.02.2010), of thrillingly news on how many princesses there actually are out there, or more precise, and estimated idea, here in the real world.

We are all familiar - at least those of us who bother to read the tabloids - with the British family, them being a very spotlight seeking family and all. Just by going through all the continents marked monarchy, we learn that there are 42 Monarchies, and among them 13 belonging to the British Empire. Even though grand, they do not top the list of the country with the most princesses.

The country with the most princesses is however out of our range when it comes to being on the spot. King “Abdullah Bin” (and so forth, it is quite long)” has taken multiple wives during his lifetime (similar in history has also his father and brothers before him), and has about known 15 daughters and some 7 sons.

Saudi Arabia. Lets get real, and lets do it with numbers…
- "But talk of the collapse of the House of Saud seems premature. It is after all a huge structure, with an estimated 7,000 princes." - BBC quote.

With estimated 7,000 princes and stretching the family tree in equal many directions, we can start to calculate 7000 times 3 (as a vague but honestly guess) we will end up on 21 000 princesses. And even among this vast number, I only managed to find few by names… I also came across this sentence “it was also known that there was a special hospital in Riyad to deal with the misfits of inter-marriages” with little checking out, there are several articles about the birth defects that have resulted from marrying close relatives in S. Arabia. (Saudi Arabia has 28, 6 millions inhabitants)

Oh yes, and by the people I have collected it is 126 princesses, with full names in my list. I will release the list later… if anyone has a different number, please tell me.

lørdag 23. januar 2010

“A wardrobe’s Princess”

It is, to my amusement mostly (I assume), a fact that all princesses have a talent, (or someone with that talent) of choosing dresses and clothes with a high and unique standard, -for the world to post comments upon. Me, I am not gifted with the rear sight of singling out the traits of clothing or similar (I do however enjoy pink), which makes this subject, slightly more attractive to ignorantly browse about.

We are obviously in need of considering, socks. Socks should be made of wool and preferably pink. -Nice and warm.

I do not have so much more to say, but Norwegian Silje Pedersen, has some very distinct opinions on the subject of princess clothing. The article found at; , suggest, pinkly, that Mette Marit’s wardrobe has a modest selection of outfits, dresses, swimming kit, jogging gear and further more… with the price tag of more then a million Norwegian crone’s of worth. Which in compares to others in her wealthy position, I would find quite reasonable, she being of blue blood and all.

If we allow our eyes to enjoy the article further more, we learn that the circles of inspiration within the royal wardrobes, cast but only a short shadow, as Princess Marie Chantal of Hellas and Rosario of Bulgaria shear similar dresses as the Norwegian crown princess. – This inspires at least me, to think that they in fact do shear a common princess consciousness and talent for selecting clothes. (or that same person, with that helpful talent)

That aside, I could be satisfied with pretty much anything, as long as we can avoid a country-slide of single mothers competing in a talent-show of critiques, concerning clothes and royalties.

I am not sure if it clouds up or clarifies the myths, that throughout history princesses have a remarkable taste in clothing. Feminist would have me hanged if I would say it’s a she-male thing, the traits of clothing… (Because I obviously do not got it) but I cannot get myself to agree on, if there is some exterior help involved or not, is there a secret society dealing with this, and how could I become a member?

tirsdag 19. januar 2010

A fictional dilemma of somewhat truth?

I would like to reflect a bit on the fiction parts of reality. If we are to become specialist on princesses, we should not forget the magic of reality, if there is such a distinction between the two. - What concern me, ever so much, is the fairytale aspects of the real princesses. Do they see the difference of their influential power; -to what can actually be obtained and what is the classical pure and wishful thinking? How do they cope with their limits, between fantasy and the reality, as a princess that is…

What you think you can do, and what can actually you do?
There is a series of though rushing through my tiny egg like head as I am thinking this, I quickly settle on that ; high ambitions usually settle for far less, and that in the end ; it is the intentions and the process that counts.

I lean back, and feel, -lets be honest with ourselves -, that no one are completely satisfied with such a quick answer popping up. A princess in need is a princess indeed!!!
Is it within the princess habit, to create unobtainable goals, such as saving the world, or only parts of the world, and in that case, what do they exclude? How do they decide on the realistic choices or the pure nonsense?

I will not set up a complete agenda concerning the numerous intentions and plans concerning our real princesses, as they tend to drift in quite many directions. Our fictional princess agenda on the other hand, is usually floating between marriages and fighting off an evil power… so for this time, I will exclude them. (have a look at the video clip to enjoy all the reasons of why.)

I resign, no i don’t really…. But if we could use all the money, claimed by the fictional “Princess industry” to push forward the wellness of the princesses of our real world, …. Perhaps some circle of fiction and reality could benefit from each other..

“The fairytale princess is one of the most profitable merchandise brands on earth. These products are just a handful of the 25,000 princess lines sold under the Disney brand alone; in the eight years since some marketing mastermind brought together six of the company's screen princesses, sales have reached $4.4 billion a year.”

more about princess industries;

mandag 11. januar 2010

Poetry for the princess Wedding

Abandoned by Swedish poets,
Those royal crumbles at the corners of nations pie,
Lets add no more words to, embarrassing, the average,
No more reckless, words, sub-explaining, this marriage.
Rest long least at last, dry of the water from this frustrating bath
And enjoy breastfeeding on that which we have.
Which is simply this marriage, on the royal behalf.

Impressive, how the lawyer unfolds a patient flirt, on those yellow blue-waters,
awaiting the course and holding back on the starters.
The voyage of tiara: The Reckless table salt, and the jar of honey
Sipping that teacup, flavoured holy-matrimony.
They alone think little food for thought, with the activity of such,
of crossing the bloodlines in a cardboard-box.

As their ship set sails, airborne with flowers for wings,
Circling those poets, and blue-eyed people, that imagine and thinks
through a storm of legal paperwork and pens;
that politicians may actually may be your friends.

She strategically builds her nest, enclosing him,
from political-decease that suddenly, might draft inn.
-You cannot outwait that winter for spring,
and how long time does it rally take to purpose a ring?

In seven years past, which is tastier, a sword or the razor blade of falling leaf?
You know only Gods turn that occasionally blind eye, in silent grief.

In the pleasures deck, dealt to the other hand,
between royals and lawyers, you finally took your stand.
And while picking through your pockets, from that waist high position,
nations held it’s breath, not for you, but concerning the pigs-flu inflammation.
But despite the nations, breathlessness….
You picked up that ring and said, listen, princess!

“Cherry trees, and cherry-bees with tiny umbrella wings,
I am all wrapped up really bad, in Cupids stings.
Darling be my love in both art and arms, Together we can watch
contemporary theatre and dance,
The Jealousy of frogs can just suck on a lemon,
Let’s invite the dwarfs and bring back John Lennon!
Fairy-dust and gunships, lets be married away,
till death do us part, let us start off today……?

She reply’s: Ye-ye-ye-ye Yes

- Princess.
Never the less,
lets invite the world press,
some poets and along with the national congress….
We are worth that, no?

And you wanted only to do the best that you can,
You hope for first class, and not second hand.
But people are stubborn, with all rights to be,
Jealously entraps far more then it frees.

And with the summary of these stories, blessings and curses
we find ourselves at the end of these verses,
From stars, to rivers, and the depths of well
I bid you good luck and happily marriage, thought farewell.

PS. Please invite me to you wedding.
PS. I could write you a wedding poem.

fredag 8. januar 2010

Some words on the Wedding of Victoria.

Really, who does not want to be part of the Royal wedding coming up in Sweden this June? Everyone does, and hopefully some of us will. To brief you all on some details: as planned, is 64 Million Swedish crones going to be invested in this one event taking place on the 19’th of June in grand church in the Old Town, money worth and well spent. Not all is taxpayer’s money, King Carl Gustafs, is also investing in his country and loved ones. From 6 of June to the 19 various activities for everyone will take place in Stockholm, “Love Stockholm 2010” they are calling it… and if you have some wedding plans lined up, maybe this would be the perfect time to announce them.

I will take a brief moment to reflect on the days, when marriages of the royal families where used with political agenda, but not the days when it was considered impolite to marry someone outside the family. If we would look deeper into the stories, we will see that most of Scandinavia, with some influences from Grate Britain and France is in fact, very close to one family. I will not dig too deep, not further down then during the “Kalmar Union”. It was created by the Norwegian queen Margrete Valdemarsdatter, daughter of the Danish king Valdemar Atterdag. At the age of ten, she had been married to the Norwegian King Haakon (Son of the Norwegian-Swedish King Magnus the 7’th), who had seen to that their son, Olav the 4’th, could stand as a potential Royalty in heritage to the Danish Crown.

The situations in our days, has been somewhat more improved after both time and revolutions, - in smaller and larger scales has had its way. And in our post historical times, we can reflect on, participate and appreciate the upcoming sunny days, as fairytale becomes reality during “Love Stockholm 2010”.

The webpage
Can inform you probably better then anyone, on which arrangement are being made.

søndag 3. januar 2010


The news has come to my ear, or can be read through out the wondrous web if you like, that the title of the Norwegian Princess Martha Louise, has just gone through a public test, to see if she still is fit to keep her title as a princess, due of course to her commercial activities. In the test 51% answered that she should be allowed to keep her title, 20% said lose it, and the remaining 30% where speechless good Norwegians.

I find myself intrigued with curiosity, as her commercial activity is also a religious one. There is no real need for me to point out that the royal courts always have been marching hand in hand with religion. Gods crusades has handed out deaths by the same number as condoms in a gay parade. And Commercial profit has been part of making most of our countries what they are today. Which in fact they still are, although the royalties do not make political decisions anymore, for numerous good reasons.

The things that I do support in Martha’s quest, is that she, while most of the royalties has selected and moved on to humane good. (Which by all means are grate) she truly believes in her Angels and religion for real. No one in the castle (as far as we know) is let’s say: really Christians anymore as far as religion activity goes.

But Martha has taken up a spiritual sword, and challenging the spiritual good, making it accessible and perhaps whispering something is rotten in the religious kingdom of Norway.

But what do I really know, I can think. And I do think that using commercial strategies to stand up to any commercial religion, is very fair play, as long as objective good and tolerance prevails.

Dear Martha, if you need someone to talk to, I am you man.

(read about the news also on;