Dear Princess. Martha Louise, Mette Marit, Ragnhild, Victoria, Mary, Elizabeth, Madeleine, Lilian and Astrid....

and all the rest of beautiful you.

I am another simple artist in the world of performing arts, and my greatest passion is curiosity

and shearing of the things I learn. I am perhaps a humble journalist with an artistic expression.

I am at the bridge of a new curiosity, namely you your highness, the princess. I want to

understand as much as I can, about your role towards yourself and your people, toward your

history of myth, about the things you do and then the things media tells us, your ideas of the

future, your goals as a princess and your wishes for yourself…. Like a protrait I suppose.

Knowing the fact that I am a commoner, with little political or royal status, I imagine it will

take some time before I will have the “possibility” to meet you in person. So I decide to

start my project today, with the hopes and wishes, that some of you can join me later, and

help me tell the people; what it is all about, to be a princess today. Untill then, I will keep

you posted on this blogg, and keep you informed about my discoveries.

Warm greeting and love, Yours faithfully, Rudi Skotheim Jensen

søndag 25. april 2010

its royalties, its human..

Tiny books of history explain us that it was 88 years time since last cancelation of a royal engagement, here in Scandinavia. Details concerning the newly split Swedish couple are nothing of my concern, as those discussions can easily fly about with one less voice. As well, concerning anyone’s personal love life, there is a refined fine line between common curiosity and personal profit.

In 1922, Crown prince Fredrik of Denmark (23) was engaged with his cousin, Princess Olga of Greek and Denmark. A combination of blood itself that created international headlines. These where also the end of times, when marrying outside the royal circles, was considered quite reckless. The engagement did however not last for long (3 years), and in those days like in ours, speculations under a lot less twittered attention, closer to royal professionalized eavesdroppers, to spread the word. In this case it was also the princess whom broke off the engagement, and the theories are, how to put this, book thick.

It is quite clear to me, that little have changes within humanity when it comes to the power of knowledge, and how reckless we tend to use it. Human error happens everywhere and only ignorance would tell you otherwise.

Jonas and Madeleine, in between all of this, just don’t give a shit about the rest of us, you do whatever you need to do. Yours Supportably, Rudi.

torsdag 1. april 2010

The new blood in the blue blood, a portrait.

Finding myself in Japan is also unquestionable confronting the royal monarchy’s story of today’s princesses and coming queen to be, on what’s hot and what’s aught to be given a second thought.
Firstly it seems, if am so brave to make such a distinction, that in all marriages where one are wed into a family, to the title of princess I remark, comes at the prize of risks, and is as unnatural as riding a unicycle, to ones own funeral.

As the eldest daughter of Hisashi Owada, a senior diplomat, and President of the International Court of Justice, Princess Masako worked in Japanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs, side by side with her father. Indeed a well educated creature, already fluid in English, frensch and with good knowledge of Russian and Spanish… with political interests, for the future of Japan.

In the briefest of seconds, imagine the lucky star being you, at the admirable tunnel of shining light and possibility, and I ask; how much would you sacrifice, at the equilibrium between love and career?

To the faith that awaits the one whom chooses the kiss of a frog, comes a remarkable responsibility. But everything in its order and place. Masako first met the Crown Prince during their studies November 1986, and since that faithful day, they where seen in several public occasions throughout 87. But family and honour runs thick. Not dealt the most convincing hand of public popularity, would make their relation a challenge. Masako, was the granddaughter of Yutaka Egashira, Chairman of Chisso, a corporation highly infamous for the Minamata disease, a major pollution scandal that occurred in Japan. And with this name bound to her, it made close to impossible for them to marry. However a prince or male, of any sorts that is, fixed on love will chose to see beyond honours and the past. He purposed in several occasion and finally she accepted his hand in the year of 93.

As royalty, a monarchy with no legal political influence, Masako, had to give up her passion for politics. But the point I am aiming for is deeper then the desire of ones wish, it is within the expectations of your country and people, the ones you are there to serve, public opinion and pressure.

Eight year after their marriage, they had a daughter, which blew fire of an old discussion, a lively debate whether the the Imperial Household Law of 1947 should be changed from that of primogeniture (male-preference) to equal primogeniture, which would allow a woman to inherit the Chrysanthemum Throne. It is an old tradition of male hierarchy all over the world, which luckily has ceased to exist in larger parts, but not all.

Princess Masako has remained largely out of the public eye since 2002, reportedly due to emotional disorders, which many speculate is caused by the pressure to produce a male heir as well adjusting to life in the Royal Family. In July 2004, she was diagnosed as suffering from adjustment disorder and is reported to be seeking treatment.
On July 11, 2008, Prince Naruhito sought public understanding for his ailing wife. "I would like the public to understand that Masako is continuing to make her utmost efforts with the help of those around her. Please continue to watch over her kindly and over the long term."