Dear Princess. Martha Louise, Mette Marit, Ragnhild, Victoria, Mary, Elizabeth, Madeleine, Lilian and Astrid....

and all the rest of beautiful you.

I am another simple artist in the world of performing arts, and my greatest passion is curiosity

and shearing of the things I learn. I am perhaps a humble journalist with an artistic expression.

I am at the bridge of a new curiosity, namely you your highness, the princess. I want to

understand as much as I can, about your role towards yourself and your people, toward your

history of myth, about the things you do and then the things media tells us, your ideas of the

future, your goals as a princess and your wishes for yourself…. Like a protrait I suppose.

Knowing the fact that I am a commoner, with little political or royal status, I imagine it will

take some time before I will have the “possibility” to meet you in person. So I decide to

start my project today, with the hopes and wishes, that some of you can join me later, and

help me tell the people; what it is all about, to be a princess today. Untill then, I will keep

you posted on this blogg, and keep you informed about my discoveries.

Warm greeting and love, Yours faithfully, Rudi Skotheim Jensen

lørdag 23. januar 2010

“A wardrobe’s Princess”

It is, to my amusement mostly (I assume), a fact that all princesses have a talent, (or someone with that talent) of choosing dresses and clothes with a high and unique standard, -for the world to post comments upon. Me, I am not gifted with the rear sight of singling out the traits of clothing or similar (I do however enjoy pink), which makes this subject, slightly more attractive to ignorantly browse about.

We are obviously in need of considering, socks. Socks should be made of wool and preferably pink. -Nice and warm.

I do not have so much more to say, but Norwegian Silje Pedersen, has some very distinct opinions on the subject of princess clothing. The article found at; , suggest, pinkly, that Mette Marit’s wardrobe has a modest selection of outfits, dresses, swimming kit, jogging gear and further more… with the price tag of more then a million Norwegian crone’s of worth. Which in compares to others in her wealthy position, I would find quite reasonable, she being of blue blood and all.

If we allow our eyes to enjoy the article further more, we learn that the circles of inspiration within the royal wardrobes, cast but only a short shadow, as Princess Marie Chantal of Hellas and Rosario of Bulgaria shear similar dresses as the Norwegian crown princess. – This inspires at least me, to think that they in fact do shear a common princess consciousness and talent for selecting clothes. (or that same person, with that helpful talent)

That aside, I could be satisfied with pretty much anything, as long as we can avoid a country-slide of single mothers competing in a talent-show of critiques, concerning clothes and royalties.

I am not sure if it clouds up or clarifies the myths, that throughout history princesses have a remarkable taste in clothing. Feminist would have me hanged if I would say it’s a she-male thing, the traits of clothing… (Because I obviously do not got it) but I cannot get myself to agree on, if there is some exterior help involved or not, is there a secret society dealing with this, and how could I become a member?

tirsdag 19. januar 2010

A fictional dilemma of somewhat truth?

I would like to reflect a bit on the fiction parts of reality. If we are to become specialist on princesses, we should not forget the magic of reality, if there is such a distinction between the two. - What concern me, ever so much, is the fairytale aspects of the real princesses. Do they see the difference of their influential power; -to what can actually be obtained and what is the classical pure and wishful thinking? How do they cope with their limits, between fantasy and the reality, as a princess that is…

What you think you can do, and what can actually you do?
There is a series of though rushing through my tiny egg like head as I am thinking this, I quickly settle on that ; high ambitions usually settle for far less, and that in the end ; it is the intentions and the process that counts.

I lean back, and feel, -lets be honest with ourselves -, that no one are completely satisfied with such a quick answer popping up. A princess in need is a princess indeed!!!
Is it within the princess habit, to create unobtainable goals, such as saving the world, or only parts of the world, and in that case, what do they exclude? How do they decide on the realistic choices or the pure nonsense?

I will not set up a complete agenda concerning the numerous intentions and plans concerning our real princesses, as they tend to drift in quite many directions. Our fictional princess agenda on the other hand, is usually floating between marriages and fighting off an evil power… so for this time, I will exclude them. (have a look at the video clip to enjoy all the reasons of why.)

I resign, no i don’t really…. But if we could use all the money, claimed by the fictional “Princess industry” to push forward the wellness of the princesses of our real world, …. Perhaps some circle of fiction and reality could benefit from each other..

“The fairytale princess is one of the most profitable merchandise brands on earth. These products are just a handful of the 25,000 princess lines sold under the Disney brand alone; in the eight years since some marketing mastermind brought together six of the company's screen princesses, sales have reached $4.4 billion a year.”

more about princess industries;

mandag 11. januar 2010

Poetry for the princess Wedding

Abandoned by Swedish poets,
Those royal crumbles at the corners of nations pie,
Lets add no more words to, embarrassing, the average,
No more reckless, words, sub-explaining, this marriage.
Rest long least at last, dry of the water from this frustrating bath
And enjoy breastfeeding on that which we have.
Which is simply this marriage, on the royal behalf.

Impressive, how the lawyer unfolds a patient flirt, on those yellow blue-waters,
awaiting the course and holding back on the starters.
The voyage of tiara: The Reckless table salt, and the jar of honey
Sipping that teacup, flavoured holy-matrimony.
They alone think little food for thought, with the activity of such,
of crossing the bloodlines in a cardboard-box.

As their ship set sails, airborne with flowers for wings,
Circling those poets, and blue-eyed people, that imagine and thinks
through a storm of legal paperwork and pens;
that politicians may actually may be your friends.

She strategically builds her nest, enclosing him,
from political-decease that suddenly, might draft inn.
-You cannot outwait that winter for spring,
and how long time does it rally take to purpose a ring?

In seven years past, which is tastier, a sword or the razor blade of falling leaf?
You know only Gods turn that occasionally blind eye, in silent grief.

In the pleasures deck, dealt to the other hand,
between royals and lawyers, you finally took your stand.
And while picking through your pockets, from that waist high position,
nations held it’s breath, not for you, but concerning the pigs-flu inflammation.
But despite the nations, breathlessness….
You picked up that ring and said, listen, princess!

“Cherry trees, and cherry-bees with tiny umbrella wings,
I am all wrapped up really bad, in Cupids stings.
Darling be my love in both art and arms, Together we can watch
contemporary theatre and dance,
The Jealousy of frogs can just suck on a lemon,
Let’s invite the dwarfs and bring back John Lennon!
Fairy-dust and gunships, lets be married away,
till death do us part, let us start off today……?

She reply’s: Ye-ye-ye-ye Yes

- Princess.
Never the less,
lets invite the world press,
some poets and along with the national congress….
We are worth that, no?

And you wanted only to do the best that you can,
You hope for first class, and not second hand.
But people are stubborn, with all rights to be,
Jealously entraps far more then it frees.

And with the summary of these stories, blessings and curses
we find ourselves at the end of these verses,
From stars, to rivers, and the depths of well
I bid you good luck and happily marriage, thought farewell.

PS. Please invite me to you wedding.
PS. I could write you a wedding poem.

fredag 8. januar 2010

Some words on the Wedding of Victoria.

Really, who does not want to be part of the Royal wedding coming up in Sweden this June? Everyone does, and hopefully some of us will. To brief you all on some details: as planned, is 64 Million Swedish crones going to be invested in this one event taking place on the 19’th of June in grand church in the Old Town, money worth and well spent. Not all is taxpayer’s money, King Carl Gustafs, is also investing in his country and loved ones. From 6 of June to the 19 various activities for everyone will take place in Stockholm, “Love Stockholm 2010” they are calling it… and if you have some wedding plans lined up, maybe this would be the perfect time to announce them.

I will take a brief moment to reflect on the days, when marriages of the royal families where used with political agenda, but not the days when it was considered impolite to marry someone outside the family. If we would look deeper into the stories, we will see that most of Scandinavia, with some influences from Grate Britain and France is in fact, very close to one family. I will not dig too deep, not further down then during the “Kalmar Union”. It was created by the Norwegian queen Margrete Valdemarsdatter, daughter of the Danish king Valdemar Atterdag. At the age of ten, she had been married to the Norwegian King Haakon (Son of the Norwegian-Swedish King Magnus the 7’th), who had seen to that their son, Olav the 4’th, could stand as a potential Royalty in heritage to the Danish Crown.

The situations in our days, has been somewhat more improved after both time and revolutions, - in smaller and larger scales has had its way. And in our post historical times, we can reflect on, participate and appreciate the upcoming sunny days, as fairytale becomes reality during “Love Stockholm 2010”.

The webpage
Can inform you probably better then anyone, on which arrangement are being made.

søndag 3. januar 2010


The news has come to my ear, or can be read through out the wondrous web if you like, that the title of the Norwegian Princess Martha Louise, has just gone through a public test, to see if she still is fit to keep her title as a princess, due of course to her commercial activities. In the test 51% answered that she should be allowed to keep her title, 20% said lose it, and the remaining 30% where speechless good Norwegians.

I find myself intrigued with curiosity, as her commercial activity is also a religious one. There is no real need for me to point out that the royal courts always have been marching hand in hand with religion. Gods crusades has handed out deaths by the same number as condoms in a gay parade. And Commercial profit has been part of making most of our countries what they are today. Which in fact they still are, although the royalties do not make political decisions anymore, for numerous good reasons.

The things that I do support in Martha’s quest, is that she, while most of the royalties has selected and moved on to humane good. (Which by all means are grate) she truly believes in her Angels and religion for real. No one in the castle (as far as we know) is let’s say: really Christians anymore as far as religion activity goes.

But Martha has taken up a spiritual sword, and challenging the spiritual good, making it accessible and perhaps whispering something is rotten in the religious kingdom of Norway.

But what do I really know, I can think. And I do think that using commercial strategies to stand up to any commercial religion, is very fair play, as long as objective good and tolerance prevails.

Dear Martha, if you need someone to talk to, I am you man.

(read about the news also on;