Dear Princess. Martha Louise, Mette Marit, Ragnhild, Victoria, Mary, Elizabeth, Madeleine, Lilian and Astrid....

and all the rest of beautiful you.

I am another simple artist in the world of performing arts, and my greatest passion is curiosity

and shearing of the things I learn. I am perhaps a humble journalist with an artistic expression.

I am at the bridge of a new curiosity, namely you your highness, the princess. I want to

understand as much as I can, about your role towards yourself and your people, toward your

history of myth, about the things you do and then the things media tells us, your ideas of the

future, your goals as a princess and your wishes for yourself…. Like a protrait I suppose.

Knowing the fact that I am a commoner, with little political or royal status, I imagine it will

take some time before I will have the “possibility” to meet you in person. So I decide to

start my project today, with the hopes and wishes, that some of you can join me later, and

help me tell the people; what it is all about, to be a princess today. Untill then, I will keep

you posted on this blogg, and keep you informed about my discoveries.

Warm greeting and love, Yours faithfully, Rudi Skotheim Jensen

torsdag 6. januar 2011

Today I blog, tomorrow we dance.

This is one of those days, and you probably think, “oh no, not one of those days.”. But in fact so is the situation. Mary had her twins; in if not by know, dreadfully very soon… What else? Wiki- leaks the truth on that there has been speculations to dump the royal family of Britain, as the head of common wealth. Little new on this front, in fact too long has it been, that heads where rolling through the streets at the feet of an angry mob. I want an angry mob for my birthday.

But something has changed for the better, at least here about up in the northern Kingdom as the Arts Council have, plodded their tiny heads together for the sake of common good and granted gold. To whom you may ask? Well of brightly course to the sake of rightfully portraying princesses, and by whom… unforgettable myself.

Now that curtains are pulled aside, I want to thank the princesses who has in silent pulled the strings of admiration, glory and eternal …. () Now I am getting ahead of myself, because I still do not know whom you are, but by all means, I am grateful for your need of attention…

To the horses…..!!!!

Where does my quest go from here?

Which ship should I sail on and will you stand by my side?

How should I approach you, will you dance disco if I ask?

How do you change the world, and how can I help?

What pink is your favourite colour, and what do you hate about your people?

Have you killed for beauty, or dribbled death down the grass?

So many questions and such long time to figure them all out…

As always, I am looking forward for you acquaintance.

Kind regards Rudi Skotheim Jensen, jester at you side.

Ps, I have friends to.

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